How Beyond Better Foods whips up success with Slack and Salesforce

“Slack AI is a great tool that takes Slack to the next level. With Slack AI, I can find answers and recap long conversations that help me quickly access key information to make the most informed decisions.”

Jen HabermanChief Operating Officer, Beyond Better Foods

Delicious and nutritious? Say more. For the past decade, Beyond Better Foods has been creating tasty indulgences for health-minded consumers with grocery brands like Enlightened and Bada Bean. Faced with the challenge of scaling their distributed operations, company leaders knew they had to transform how they worked, so they turned to Slack and Salesforce. 

For Beyond Better Foods, Slack became a hub for communication and data. This was particularly important during the pandemic, when employees were working remotely. With the addition of Slack AI, the company can now extract even more value from the information shared on the platform. “Slack is crucial for us,” says VP of operations Andy Kung. “The enhanced search capabilities of Slack AI have been really helpful to fast-track answers, especially when it comes to logistics.”

Kung often needs to access specific rates, recall product details‌, or retrieve past conversations related to warehouse operations. In the past, finding this information would require scrolling through countless emails or Slack conversations. Now, with Slack AI’s enhanced search function, he can simply type in questions like “What is the current freight rate for a specific location?” or “What was the configuration of the last order?” Slack AI swiftly analyzes the conversations and provides accurate and relevant answers with the right context, saving Kung time spent manually searching through conversations.

Thanks to Slack AI, Kung can stay on top of logistics, expedite his own work processes and thoughtfully answer questions from leadership. “When I need to get my CEO a fast answer at 2 p.m. on a Friday, I can use Slack AI’s search function,” he says. 

The Beyond Better Foods team is also leveraging the new recaps feature to track select channels with convenient daily digests. “Recaps are incredibly promising,” says Kung. “My daily digest accurately distills all of my key impact areas, including fulfillment topics and action items, as well as logistics plans.”

“In the month I’ve been using Slack AI, it’s already helped me quickly find answers countless times. It’s saving me at least 30 minutes a day.”

Andy KungVP of Operations, Beyond Better Foods

As its tech stack grew, Beyond Better Foods knew it needed a unified view of all its data and tools. The company integrated Slack with Salesforce, Google Docs and other systems so teams could access real-time data in their flow of work and make faster, better-informed decisions. These integrations not only save time but also provide a comprehensive overview of the team’s activities. The team has immediate access to the data housed in other platforms directly within Slack. While Slack acts as the communication hub, it connects to various platforms that house data such as customer delivery information and innovation pipelines.

Beyond Better Foods uses Tableau, CRM Analytics and AppExchange apps to get insights into inventory, distribution, and demand forecasting. This helps the company better serve its customers and manage its supply chain.  

The integration of Salesforce and partner applications has had an immediate and profound impact: Beyond Better Foods saw a 769% ROI with Salesforce products like Tableau, CRM Analytics, and App Exchange apps in just under two months. The company is also able to save thousands of hours per year, helping teams increase their impact and the company’s bottom line.

Beyond Better Foods’s story showcases the power of uniting Slack and Salesforce to streamline operations, improve collaboration and drive growth. By connecting people, information and processes in Slack, and layering in native AI and automation, the company is primed to focus on product innovation and growth. And we can’t wait to see what they’ll cook up next.