Businesses of all sizes are working smarter and faster with Slack AI

Slack AI is available for purchase on all paid plans, helping customers ignite employee productivity by unlocking the full potential of their data

By the team at SlackApril 18th, 2024

Editor’s note: We take our commitment to protecting customer data seriously. Learn how we built Slack to be secure and private.

Slack AI is now available on all paid plans for businesses of all sizes, embedding the power of generative AI right where your teams are already working.

Slack’s Workforce Index shows that 94% of executives recognize that incorporating AI into their company is an urgent priority—yet in its latest research, only 1 in 4 desk workers report that they’ve tried AI tools at work. 

Teams can’t afford to wait, so we’re introducing simple, intuitive AI that drives value from day one. In February, we released Slack AI and a set of initial features designed to help you work smarter and faster. Today we’re announcing that Slack AI is now available in English, Spanish and Japanese for customers on all paid Slack plans to purchase, now with new capabilities: 

  • New! Recaps deliver a personalized daily digest of what’s happening in select channels
  • Search answers help you instantly find answers from data in Slack, whether you use keywords or ask in your own words
  • Conversation summaries catch you up on channels and threads in one click

If you’ve ever experienced information overload, Slack AI’s newest feature is here to help reduce the noise. With recaps, you can start your day with summaries of channels you want to stay informed on but can’t always make time for. Once you add a channel to your recap, Slack AI does the rest: Starting the next day, you’ll receive a daily digest of anything you might have missed.

Slack AI Summarization, Search, and Recap Features

With Slack AI, businesses of all sizes are already saving an average of 97 minutes per user each week, according to an internal analysis of our pilot customers. Here are just a few examples of how they’re doing it.

Wayfair empowers employees to scale smarter

A global leader in home retail, Wayfair chose Slack in 2016 to replace its messaging software, and our platform quickly became integral to internal processes. Now the company is using generative AI to help enhance the employee experience. 

In one case, IT was navigating a time-sensitive contract renewal with a vendor, which usually involves meticulous reviews of lengthy documents and countless questions. Senior engineer Taylor Keck used search answers to ask Slack AI, “What’s the latest on the contract?” and got the information he needed immediately, without having to wait on others.

Wayfair already uses workflows to automate incident management and now, with Slack AI, it can take it one step further. Since all the information needed for an incident root cause analysis is within its relevant channel, engineers can use conversation summaries to instantly extract insights. They’re also excited about the potential of new features like recaps, which provide a daily digest of need-to-know information from selected channels. “Slack AI gets people accurate information faster, from any channel,” says Keck. “When employees don’t have to do as much tedious research, it translates to a happier and more productive workforce.”

Asad Rahman at Wayfair

“As Wayfair scales globally, we want to find information quickly so people can spend less time catching up and more time delivering. With Slack AI’s compelling features, we’re empowered to do just that.”

Asad RahmanDirector of Employee Tech, Wayfair

Beyond Better Foods saves time and streamlines logistics 

Healthy dessert brand Beyond Better Foods is a fully remote organization that relies on Slack as its primary platform for work and communication. Now with Slack AI, the company can get even more out of its collective data and tap into a whole new level of productivity.

“Slack is crucial for us,” says vice president of operations Andy Kung. “The enhanced search capabilities of Slack AI have been really helpful to fast-track answers, especially when it comes to logistics.”

To properly execute his role, Kung needs to constantly keep track of what’s happening across the company’s four warehouses and six plants. Now with Slack AI, Kung uses search answers to find solutions in minutes, without losing focus. “When I need to get my CEO a fast answer at 2 p.m. on a Friday, I can use Slack AI’s search function,” he says. Kung is able to stay on top of logistics, expedite his own processes and thoughtfully address questions from leadership.

The Beyond Better Foods team is also excited to use the power of recaps to track select channels with convenient daily digests. “Recaps are incredibly promising,” says Kung. My daily digest accurately distills all of my key impact areas, including fulfillment topics and action items, as well as logistics plans.”

Andy Kung at Beyond Better Foods

“I’ve only been using Slack AI for about a month, but it’s already helped me quickly find answers countless times, and is saving me at least 30 minutes a day.”

Andy KungVP of Operations, Beyond Better Foods

ProService Hawaii effortlessly stays up to speed and in the know 

A recent Slack survey found that nearly half (47%) of small businesses surveyed agree that they should adopt AI technologies to stay competitive in the market, and 34% see AI as an opportunity for upskilling employees. An HR provider and early adopter of AI, ProService Hawaii already used and trusted Slack as its everyday collaboration platform, making Slack AI a natural fit to stay on the cutting edge of the industry.

Product owner Jason Morita gets over 100 messages on various Slack channels a day. During multiple back-to-back meetings, he’s often unable to check Slack at all, leaving him with a lot of information to digest. Instead of slogging through each channel to find relevant details, he’s come to rely on conversation summaries to save time. “Being able to pick the day, week or month I’d like to catch up on with Slack AI has been so impactful,” he says.

“Conversation summaries save the day after meeting marathons: I use them to stay informed on what I missed while I take care of something else.”

Jason MoritaProduct Owner, ProService Hawaii

Simple, intuitive, and here to help

Slack AI’s easy-to-use features are already making work simpler, more pleasant and more productive for Wayfair, Beyond Better Foods and ProService Hawaii. And this is just the start. 

In the future, we plan to expand Slack AI search and summaries capabilities to tap into new data sources, like files, Slack apps, canvases, clips and more. This will enhance the breadth and depth of context that Slack AI has access to, making the experience even richer and more relevant.

We’re also infusing Slack AI into more ways your teams work. Users currently spend 383 million minutes a week on huddles. In the future, you’ll be able to tap Slack AI as your huddle notetaker, summarizing key takeaways and action items so you don’t have to.

More than 4.7 billion messages are sent each week in Slack, making it the most natural conversational interface for your AI assistants. We’re making plans to bring  Einstein Copilot, a new AI assistant for Salesforce, directly into your flow of work in Slack, and are building an  integration so you can ask Slack AI about your CRM data as easily as you talk to your team in Slack.

Get started with Slack AI today

Ready to dive in and experience these AI features for yourself? Slack AI is available for purchase as an add-on for customers on all paid Slack plans in English, Spanish and Japanese, beginning today, with additional language support coming soon. Get in touch with our sales team to learn more, and explore plans to choose the best option for your team

For more guidance on these features, how we ensure data privacy by design, and our commitment to trust, read Slack AI drives productivity using institutional knowledge.


The above is intended for informational purposes. Please do not rely on this information in making your purchasing decisions. The development, release, and timing of any products, features or functionality not currently available remain at the sole discretion of Slack and are subject to change.

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