Format your messages

Use formatting to add clarity and detail to your message when you need it. There are two ways to format your text, depending on which Slack app you're using:

  • Format as you type: On desktop and mobile, you can format as you type by using the symbols described below.
  • Use keyboard shortcuts: On desktop, you can also use keyboard shortcuts to format selected text. For example, to bold the word Slack in your message, select and highlight the word Slack, then press B.

Tip: You can use multiple formats in the same selection of text. For example, typing *I am _very_ excited* will display as I am very excited.




To bold, surround your text with asterisks: *your text*

Desktop shortcuts:
Select text, then press B on Mac or CtrlB on Windows/Linux



To italicize, surround your text with underscores: _your text_

Desktop shortcuts:
Select text, then press I on Mac or CtrlI on Windows/Linux



To strikethrough, surround your text with tildes: ~your text~

Desktop shortcuts:
Select text, then press ShiftX on Mac or CtrlShiftX on Windows/Linux

Note: Unfortunately, strikethrough does not work using full-width input mode. 



To quote, add angled brackets (>) before your text:
Quote one sentence
Quote multiple sentences

Desktop shortcuts:
Select text, then press Shift> on Mac or CtrlShift> on Windows/Linux

Inline code


To format inline code, surround your text with backtick symbols (`):
`Format one word or one line`
Format blocks of text```

Desktop shortcuts:
Select text, then press ShiftC on Mac or CtrlShiftC on Windows/Linux

Note: Other formatting like bold or italic text will not display in inline code. For enhanced code sharing, we suggest creating a snippet!



To format a list, begin your message with a number or a bullet (•). Type Shift Enter to create a new preformatted line. 

Desktop Shortcuts:
For numbers:
Shift7 on Mac
CtrlShift7 on Windows
For bullets:
Shift8 on Mac
CtrlShift8 on Windows

Tip: Add a bullet (•) from your keyboard by pressing Option8 on Mac, or Alt7 (using the number pad) on most Windows machines. Or, simply start your list with an asterisk (*) and it'll convert to a bullet. 

Note: The following formatting options work as described when using full-width (JP) input mode. When using half-width (EN) input mode, you'll need to add spaces before and after the formatting symbols.

A note about Markdown

Our message formatting was designed to support the majority of our customers. Since most are not familiar with Markdown, we’ve chosen not to support it.

For more formatting options, try composing a post to share with other members. 

Note: Hyperlinking a message isn't supported. To include a URL, you can paste it into the message field. Visit Share links in Slack for more. 

Tip: See the Message Formatting page in our API docs for details on formatting bot messages.