Guide to managing Slack Connect on Enterprise Grid

Org Owners and Org Admins can manage a variety of Slack Connect settings to make working with external partners easier and more secure. Some permissions can even be customized for each organization you work with.

Settings snapshot

  • Easily configurable permissions
    Tailor Slack Connect to your needs by setting up org-wide invitation approval and acceptance settings. Fine-tune your invitation settings for each organization you work with to support the different needs of your business relationships. 
  • Security
    Ensure working with external partners is as secure as working with your own team by limiting availability of files, canvas, workflows and more.
  • Managing external people
    Your business relationships change so we’ve made it easy to oversee and manage the channels external members have access to.

Access Slack Connect settings

You can adjust a variety of settings to make Slack Connect suit your needs from your org dashboard.

  1. From your desktop, click your workspace name in the top left.
  2. Hover over Tools & settings, then click Organization settings
  3. Choose Slack Connect in the left sidebar. 
  4. To manage org-wide settings and permissions, select Settings or choose Connections to manage settings and permissions for each organization you work with.

Slack Connect settings you can manage

You can configure the following settings from the org dashboard and they'll apply to every workspace in your org.


Invitation approval and acceptance

Manage settings for automatic invitation approval and acceptance, the types of Slack Connect invitations your members can send, and more.

Security and visibility

Control file access, profile visibility and more. 

Manage external partners

Take administrative action on external members by managing channel access, organization connections, and more.