Whitelist an org domain with Enterprise Mobility Management

On the Enterprise Grid plan, you can whitelist an org domain in your Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) app to restrict access to workspaces outside of the whitelisted Grid org. You can configure this setting with a key value pair in AppConfig.

Note: You can whitelist only one org domain in your EMM app.

What members can expect

  • With this setting enabled, members using an EMM app can only sign in to the whitelisted org. 
  • If members need to access workspaces outside of their whitelisted org, they can download the Slack app for iOS or Android.
  • If a member is signed in to any outside workspaces in their EMM app when an Org Owner or Admin enables this setting, they will be signed out from their Android device within 24 hours or when they relaunch the app on iOS. 

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