Slack for Nonprofits during COVID-19

In response to the rapidly-changing situation with COVID-19, we’ve made some changes to our Slack for Nonprofits program. We hope these additional offerings help support nonprofit organizations with anything they need to accomplish during this challenging time.

Looking to use Slack with your organization?

  • Nonprofit organizations of any size are eligible to receive three months of our Standard plan or Plus for their workspace free of charge.

Already using Slack with your organization?

  • We’ve removed the 250 member cap and organizations of any size are now eligible to receive three months of our Standard plan at no cost.
  • Nonprofit organizations on the Standard plan who need to upgrade to the Plus plan are now eligible to do so for three months at no cost.

Get in touch

Send an email to and we’ll respond as soon as we can with an update. Please include answers to the questions below, skipping any that do not apply to your organization:

  1. What is your workspace name and workspace URL?
  2. Are you currently participating in our Slack for Nonprofits program?
  3. Does your organization have more than 250 members?
  4. Does your organization need to upgrade to Standard or Plus?