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How IT teams create company-wide value by enabling a digital HQ

Learn how IT teams leverage Slack to break down information silos, work asynchronously, and automate routine tasks to free up time for strategic work

This webinar is best for:

  • Technology professionals

The way the world works has drastically changed and the technology and teams that enable this new way of working have never been more visible or essential. IT teams across companies of every size and every industry are responsible for meeting the challenge of this shift head on, but one question remains. How do we make this work from anywhere world more enjoyable and productive with less wasted effort?

In this webinar, Sean Storer, Slack’s senior solutions marketing manager for IT, will introduce the concept of a digital HQ and walk through the benefits this model has for IT teams. After a brief introduction to the concept of a digital HQ, you’ll hear real-world examples from a panel of IT leaders on how they use Slack as their digital HQ and the positive impacts they’re seeing across their teams and companies.

Featured speakers:

Sean Storer Healthcare and Life Sciences Industry Marketing Lead, Slack
Josh SenickDirector Slack Center for Enablement, Salesforce
Shanker PadmanabhanSenior UCC Staff Manager, Marvell Semiconductors
Jason DoerckPrincipal Consultant, Slalom

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