Slack guide. State of Work 2023: Engineering trends

The State of Work 2023: Engineering trends

A global survey reveals the greatest productivity challenges and opportunities facing engineering teams today

When it comes to adopting innovative technologies and processes, software engineers are often ahead of the game. However, there are simple things that leaders can do to unlock even more productivity from their teams and across their organisation. By automating workflows, streamlining processes and enabling a truly collaborative culture, engineering leaders can cultivate the type of environment that leads to happier, more productive teams.

In this special edition of the State of Work report for engineering leaders, we examine the biggest productivity barriers facing teams today. In it, you’ll learn:

  • The best way for engineering leaders to measure team productivity
  • Proven ways to motivate engineers (hint: it’s not just perks)
  • How engineering leaders can improve upon agile processes with automation and AI

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