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Slack is now open to all!

Slack's preview release went better than we could have imagined. Thousands and thousands of people just like you, all around the world, are now using Slack every single day for communication with their teams. Amazing teams like Rdio, BuzzFeed, Medium, Foursquare, Lonely Planet, LinkedIn & Adobe already use Slack. It's time to open Slack up to the world.

Getting better every day

We're adding new integrations, new features and better ways to use Slack every day.

Thanks to your support, we're able to invest in the development of a service that we hope will be helping you for many decades to come. The love has been amazing.

We'll add many major feature releases over the course of this year, including email integration, guest access/restricted accounts and detailed usage analytics. We'll also be publishing a roadmap in the near future so you can get a sense of where we're going.

So, from the bottom of our hearts, a big thank you to everyone for the feedback, suggestions, support and for choosing Slack. Every team on Slack, from the household names to the little up-and-coming startups, is a huge deal for us. We mean it. Thank you.

– The Slack Team

PS: To stay up to date on Slack news, including our #changelog, simply follow @SlackHQ on Twitter.

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