Slack screen with pie chart and tools representing business

Slack for business

Slack makes it easy to connect with employees, manage daily tasks and keep operations running, no matter what kind of work you do

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Slack was built for enterprise with customers in mind

Slack's Chief Product Officer Tamar Yehoshua explains what it means to be built for the enterprise—and why it matters now

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Supercharge your support agents with Slack

Boost the usability of your existing tech stack while uniting your whole company around the customer experience

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Transform your customer experience with Slack for support teams

Learn how Slack acts as a support team for your support team by uniting your company’s experts at a single point of access


Build stronger sales relationships faster with Slack

Learn how Slack speeds deal cycles and strengthens customer relationships with a transparent, connected collaboration framework

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The Total Economic Impact Of Slack For Technical Teams

A commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting covering the cost savings and business benefits enabled by Slack

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Beyond the funnel: reimagining the sales experience with Slack

How Slack empowers sales reps to be more productive, build trust, and deliver a better buyer experience

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How it works: Slack for customer service

Quick videos showcasing how customer service teams use Slack to smoothly resolve issues and grow customer loyalty

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How it works: Slack for sales

Quick videos showcasing how sales teams use Slack to build strong customer relationships and close deals faster.

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The new collaborative sales team

Learn why companies around the world are using Slack to take a collaborative approach to selling, and what that can mean for closing deals

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The rise of sales operations

Learn about the critical role sales operations plays in boosting sales collaboration and performance

Boat illustration with people working representing Slack and Office 365 collaboration

Slack + Office 365: Co-existing together

Gain a better understanding of Slack’s unique platform and how it can increase the value of your O365 suite

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New IDC analysis: The value of Slack for the enterprise

This study on the speed and impact of digital transformation reveals how "future of work" concepts became day-to-day realities

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How it works: Slack for software development

Quick videos showcasing how engineering teams use Slack to ship code faster and improve service reliability

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A report by Deloitte: Higher education reimagined

How universities are embracing and shaping the future of work to adapt to and drive digital transformation

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The value of Slack for software developers

See how Slack improves code deployment, service reliability and developer productivity to help you understand your investment


Your guide to Slack for higher education

Tips and best practices for turning Slack into an engaging, effective tool to support distance learning


The Slack handbook for sales teams

How Slack helps you better manage sales pipelines, work with your internal teams and land more deals


HR teams and Slack: a success story

A look at how Slack supports HR teams by helping them collaborate, with one another and across disciplines


Internal communications, the Slack way

Five ways HR teams can use Slack to improve their communications and create a better employee experience

Door opening with clouds peaking through with Slack emojis

Reinventing customer service

How service teams can grow true customer loyalty with Slack as their digital HQ