Slack’s Customer Success Podcast

The podcast that covers anything and everything Slack! Sharing best practices and use cases to help fuel your productivity

👋 Welcome to Slack’s Customer Success Podcast! In this series we’ll cover a variety of topics on how Slack can help you improve your business productivity. Join us as we dive into new features, explore use cases relevant to various industries and job functions, and introduce you to our very own Slack wizards who will walk through how their teams use Slack. Enjoy the podcast!

Episode one – Sales Elevate

How to keep your Sales team focused on selling 💰
Welcome to the first episode of our Customer Success Podcast! In this episode we will be hosting Vanessa O’Mahony, our AVP of Sales, and will be discussing Slack Sales Elevate. Sales Elevate is an add-on for Slack that deeply integrates with Salesforce Sales Cloud, allowing teams to centralize information and processes directly in Slack.

November 2023 – 20 minutes


Episode two – Customer Support

How Slack can help Support teams operate efficiently 📈
In our second episode we are glad to be joined by Gillian Fitzgerald, Director of Customer Experience at Slack EMEA, to discuss how Slack can help customer support teams to smoothly and efficiently resolve issues and grow customer loyalty.

December 2023 – 20 minutes


Episode three – Customer Success

How Slack’s Head of Customer Success runs his team in Slack 🏃 
In our third episode, we are happy to welcome Chris Mills, our Head of Customer Success for EMEA, to tell us everything about how a CS organization can make the most out of Slack, along with some specific use cases that make his work as a leader easier.

February 2024 – 27 minutes


Episode four – Internal Comms

Getting the most out of your Comms strategy with Slack 📝
Today we have Emily Zwecker, Senior Manager of Internal Comms here at Slack. In this episode, Emily shares a lot of knowledge and some great tips, to help Internal Comms teams to work through Slack in a way that is more simple, more pleasant and more productive.

May 2024 – 25 minutes


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