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By the team at SlackAugust 2nd, 2023

In times of global economic uncertainty, sales teams are feeling the squeeze to drive revenue growth and meet rising customer expectations. Yet according to the Salesforce State of Sales Report, most reps are spending only 28% of their week actually selling. Bogged down by administrative tasks, they spend less time with customers and take longer to close—putting deals at risk.

Today we’re launching an entirely new way for sales teams to sell and win with Slack and Sales Cloud. It’s built on Slack’s next-generation platform and powered by Salesforce data, bringing real-time CRM data to where teams are working—in Slack—so reps can focus on selling.

Meet Slack Sales Elevate.

“Bringing Sales Cloud into Slack and providing new sales productivity tools and automations in Slack helps sellers save time and access the right people and information to make better decisions,” said Rob Seaman, SVP of Product at Slack. “A Slack-based approach to selling will make it easier than ever for Sales Cloud customers to focus on the work that matters: working with customers and closing deals.”

Rob Seaman headshot

A Slack-based approach to selling will make it easier than ever for Sales Cloud customers to focus on the work that matters: working with customers and closing deals.

Rob SeamanSVP of Product, Slack

Drive deals with everything and everyone you need in one place

Sales reps are constantly context switching, whether it’s shuffling through tabs, switching from desktop to mobile devices or moving information between apps. In fact, our research shows that sales teams use an average of 10 tools to close each deal.

Imagine, instead, having everything you need to close your deals in one place: every metric, to-do item, customer update and key team player. That’s exactly how this new solution works.

Slack Sales Elevate provides rich, real-time customer data and business insights from across Salesforce, all within Slack’s intuitive interface. It’s designed to make it easy to focus on what truly matters—your customers—to drive revenue growth.

With Slack Sales Elevate, sales teams and leaders set and follow best practices that unlock visibility and efficiency. Reps can receive reminders to stay on track, monitor metrics to gauge progress toward goals, and make updates in an opportunity list view that automatically syncs to Salesforce to achieve true pipeline accuracy. All of this is fully accessible in the Slack mobile experience, so you can access information, manage opportunities and move deals forward from anywhere.

Stay ahead of deals with real-time notifications

We all know how impossible it can feel to keep track of all your tasks and to-dos. Slack Sales Elevate helps reps, sales managers and the entire selling team easily prioritize actions that drive deals forward, thanks to automated alerts of insights and updates.

Reps get automated weekly reminders to update pipelines. Leaders have immediate visibility on CRM data so they’re on top of their forecasts. And anyone can create custom notifications that automatically deliver opportunity changes to relevant Slack channels, keeping everyone on the account team on the same page. Sales teams can set up all these features in just minutes with our pre-made, no-code templates, so they can hit the ground running.

Update Salesforce opportunities effortlessly

Clean, accurate forecasts are critical to sales success. But because reps are constantly on the go and hustling to close multiple deals at once, carving out the time to update deal details and forecasts is easier said than done.

The new Opportunities view in Slack Sales Elevate makes updating your pipeline fast and easy. In minutes, reps can view and update every opportunity from a single, spreadsheet-like view that automatically syncs changes back to Salesforce. This updated CRM data ensures a cleaner pipeline and more accurate forecasts, so sales leaders can make better data-driven decisions and drive greater revenue growth with their teams.

Oh, and did we mention how this pays off for your productivity? In just a few months of using Slack Sales Elevate, Slack’s sales team saw a 76% increase in time savings on updating opportunities!

Track performance and see opportunities

To meet ambitious goals, it helps to see the progress you’re making. For sales leaders, it’s mission-critical. With Slack Sales Elevate, leaders get instant visibility across direct reports’ opportunities with real-time Salesforce metrics, including deal statuses, quarterly generated pipeline and closed won ACV. They can jump into account channels when needed to steer the team in the right direction. Reps, too, can customize their workspaces to track progress toward their own goals.

Let your sales take off

Slack Sales Elevate is already transforming how top sales teams work together. “I am thrilled for the future of Salesforce, housed in Slack," notes Lauren Farber, the director of business operations at Roku. “Slack Sales Elevate brings CRM to a system that sales already knows and loves: Slack. It weaves all their work within a user-friendly platform, making pipeline management and actionable business insights infinitely more accessible and efficient! Can’t wait to see what’s next.”

Get your first-hand look at Slack Sales Elevate in our webinar, “Meet the new Slack solution for sales: Your sales productivity game changer.” Sign up today and get ready for more wins.


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