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Sales Elevate: Essential admin actions to set your sales team up for success

Configure notifications and activity logging on behalf of your team so they can start selling in Slack on day one

As part of your setup of Sales Elevate, admins have the ability to configure notifications on behalf of their users. This is a powerful way to help your sales team hit the ground running on day one with Sales Elevate. 🚀

Before you begin, here’s a quick checklist to ensure you’re ready to start configuring notifications:

☑️ Bring together the right people for the job with the right access: assign your Salesforce admins and sales operations partners the role of Sales admin.
☑️ Now that your Salesforce admin is engaged, check that they have set user roles in Salesforce, which will allow you to assign Slack notifications based on those roles.
☑️ Ensure that you have initiated your Sales Elevate setup, including making the connection from Sales Elevate to Sales Cloud: check out the setup instructions here.
☑️ Though it’s never too late to make your team more productive, ideally configure these notifications before launching Elevate to your sales team and consider revisiting quarterly based on feedback.

Now open Slack and head to 🚀 Sales in the sidebar, followed by Edit sales settings >🔔 Notifications > Admin-created notifications > Manage > Create notification.

Slack Sales Elevate admin view of notifications

📣 Top notifications for sales managers/leaders:

Sales leaders need to be in the know at all times—to stay up to date on projected revenue and how forecasted deals for the quarter (and year!) are progressing. These recurring summary notifications will help them do just that, in real time.

1️⃣ Deal stage changed 

Give managers line of sight into top opportunities that have changed stages, including moved to “closed-lost.” On the flip side, check out Sales reps > Deal won for how to set a notification for wins 🎉.

Sales Elevate deal stage changed admin notification setting

Name: Stage changed
Notification type: Real-time or Scheduled
Starts on: Select date
Frequency (if scheduled):Weekly on Mondays
Notification destination: Your sales dashboard
Apply to
Opportunity type: Any opportunities
Stage changes to: Closed/Won, Closed/Lost
Minimum opportunity amount: $ Input the amount that works for your organization
Recipient types:* People that the account owner rolls up to
Narrow by roles (optional): VP of Sales

*Within “Recipient types” > “Manager/Leader” subcategory, you have the option to have notifications sent for changes made by people that the opportunity owner rolls up to or people that the account owner rolls up to. Fill in “Narrow by roles” to further define which leader (such as VP of Sales, COO) receives the notifications based on roles you have defined in Salesforce. If left undefined, each leader within an organization will receive notifications based on changes that occur within their reporting line.

2️⃣ Pulled in or pushed out opportunities 

If the projected close date of a deal is brought forward, it’s an opportunity for a manager to get involved and help bring the deal home. Alternatively when those dates are pushed out, it’s a risk signal and may be time to swarm the account.

3️⃣ Deal amount changed

Changes in deal amount have a big impact on projected revenue, for better or worse. Schedule notifications to share the biggest movers in the past week on all opportunities that roll up to managers.  

💼 Top notifications for sales reps:

Reps need to move fast when it comes to updating opportunities. These notifications enable them to quickly update records with critical information, improving leadership visibility, forecast quality and ultimately, revenue.

1️⃣ Proactive alerts (coming soon) 

Help your sales team stay on top of their opportunities through real-time notifications that can be updated in one click. Enable proactive alerts for reps anytime an opportunity meets the following criteria: close date approaching, fields missing or outdated fields.

2️⃣ Log activity 

We’re only as good as the data we keep. Ensure that reps are logging customer-related activities, such as calls, on all opportunities (or any standard or custom object). Reps can easily keep records up to date right from Slack through the “Log activity” button in the top right of their Sales home, or by using the creation button in the lower right-hand corner of the mobile app.

From Sales settings > Log activity; fill in the fields below:Sales Elevate log activity admin settings view

Log activity global action: Log a call (or, use a global action you’ve customized for your team)

Allowed related objects: Include the objects you’d like to associate calls with, such as Opportunity, Account, or even custom objects

3️⃣ Deal won

This one’s for everyone. 🎉 Celebrate as a team when a deal closes by setting a notification based on when a deal reaches “closed/won.” Reps can then share more context and lessons learned in-thread for the rest of the org to benefit from.

Sales Elevate UI of Deal Won Admin Notification

Name: Deal won
Notification type: Real-time or Scheduled
Starts on: Select date
Frequency (if scheduled): Weekly on Mondays
Notification destination: Your sales dashboard or a channel, such as #sales-wins
Apply to
Opportunity type: All opportunities
Stage for win: Closed/Won
Minimum opportunity amount: $ Input the amount that works for your organization

Great work! 👏

Now head back to the admin guide to complete the rest of your Sales Elevate setup. If you need support at any time, reach out to us by submitting a case online. We’re here to help!

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