Unlock Slack’s full value, faster

Design, implement, and scale your custom Digital HQ with Slack Professional Services. Accelerate time to value and transform collaboration

It’s no secret that Slack can be a transformative tool if effectively implemented. While purchasing Slack licenses is the first step in accessing all that the Slack Platform has to offer, transforming collaboration for every person in your team or company takes thoughtful consideration, time, and expertise. Slack offers an accelerated path forward through our global Slack Professional Services team. Our expert consultants have helped hundreds of organizations design, configure, implement, and scale their custom Digital HQ. By working with the best of the best, you’ll gain the most value out of your investment faster and you’ll rest assured that your Digital HQ has been built to last as your organization evolves.

Your Digital HQ built with experts

Services customers experience 90+% satisfaction with engagements.

Our expansive global team operates with one mission: to transform collaboration for our customers. By working with us, you’ll have a solid foundation for a flexible Digital HQ structure that can handle your evolving needs. We also upskill and empower Slack users to gain Digital HQ expertise.

Unlock the full value of Slack, faster

Services customers adopt Slack 37% faster.

After understanding your goals and challenges, we develop and deliver a roadmap to drive your business outcomes. We’re here to help accelerate transformation at every stage, further maturing your company’s usage and value gained out of Slack.

Get the most out of your investment

Services customers realize 2X the rate of active users year over year.

Working with our Professional Services team is a smart way to ensure ROI with Slack at launch and long term. Services bring critical change management and technical expertise to create the system of engagement for a Digital HQ that can evolve with your business.

We build governance models that scale for our customers while also easing the burden of maintenance for Slack admins and all Slack end users at your company.

Discover better possibilities

Our team has ensured success through more than 650 customer engagements over the years, driving successful outcomes across many industries. We’ve delivered long-term success for enterprise companies such as Janssen Pharmaceuticals, Ford Motor Company, Softbank, Yelp and many others.

Slack has been at the forefront of shaping the future of work. Our Services team is hyper-aware of the changing landscape of a variety of verticals and we’ve delivered tangible transformation in even the most highly regulated spaces including healthcare, financial services, and government.

We not only advise, but we also provide hands-on support in co-building your Digital HQ. As a dedicated resource with specialized skills in technical implementation, experience design, and learning enablement, we’re uniquely poised to help customers achieve big-picture outcomes faster.

Slack Professional Services offer:

  • Vision discovery and leadership alignment
  • Transformation roadmap
  • Project accountability and management
  • Development of a governance model
  • Project delivery excellence across multiple disciplines: experience design, technical implementation, and learning enablement.
  • Access to Accelerator Apps.
  • Learn more about these automation solutions developed alongside our largest customers.
  • Launch, run the business, and ongoing support services available.

Questions? We’ll put you on the right path. Talk to Sales about Slack Professional Services.

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