5 reasons to attend Dreamforce in the era of generative AI

Unlock productivity for the future of work with Slack at Dreamforce

Author: Kristin EdwardsAugust 18th, 2023

You heard it here first: the future of work will be powered by automation and AI, and Slack is the leading intelligent productivity platform. Here’s how to immerse yourself in the Slack experience at Dreamforce and unlock your productivity potential with all the keynotes, sessions and mind-blowing innovation announcements. Register today to learn how Slack and Salesforce can transform your business with AI + Data + CRM.

Slack at Dreamforce

1. Learn about the latest Slack innovations and how they work across Customer 360

Visit the Slack Announcement zone at the Dreamforce Campground for the latest insights and innovations to accelerate work with Slack automation and AI. Furthermore, learn how to take your sales productivity to new heights with Slack Sales Elevate. Check out the Slack keynote, featuring customers like DIRECTV, and more than 60 Slack sessions—packed with best practices and success stories on how Slack can lower costs and help organizations increase productivity across every team and industry.

2. See why Slack is the intelligent productivity platform for the world’s #1 AI CRM

Slack accelerates work and unlocks AI-powered productivity for customer companies across every organization and industry. By bringing together People + AI + Data + CRM in one place, Slack helps you maximize your Salesforce investment, lean into the future of work, build successful long-term business strategies, and truly put the customer at the center of everything you do.

3. Get hands-on with the latest Slack innovations

Go to the Slack Frontier to discover expert-led sessions, in-depth demos, hands-on workshops, live huddles, and more. Additionally, Slack will be featured in every Campground audience zone, so you can learn how Slack drives productivity for sales, service, marketing and more. Be sure to stop by and see how Slack improves team performance across every line of business.

4. Learn from Slack experts and network with like-minded peers

Matthew McConaughey with Marc Bennioff

Actor and Salesforce Brand Partner Matthew McConaughey will be speaking at this year’s Dreamforce.

There’s no place like Dreamforce to build meaningful connections with Slack experts and peers. Wherever you are in your Slack journey, there’s something for everyone. And there’s always room to unlock more productivity. The Slack Trail Map is a great start, and make sure to reserve your spot for Slack’s Live Huddles to learn from experts and peers in roundtable discussions.

5. Learn how to build workflows to accelerate productivity with Slack automation and AI

Stop by Trailblazer Forest to learn how to build custom workflows and integrate all your apps in order to accelerate work with AI and automation in Slack. Discover the latest Sales Cloud and Service Cloud innovations, and learn how Slack continues to innovate for every C360 solution across every line of business. Eighty percent of workflow builders are non-technical, so this is a can’t-miss opportunity for all.

The audience at Dreamforce

At Salesforce, we are confident that the era of generative AI is here to stay. Don’t miss out on the AI event of the year. Register today to discover how Slack—the fastest-growing intelligent productivity platform—can help your business unlock its full potential.

Can’t make it to San Francisco? Register for free to stream Dreamforce live from anywhere on Salesforce+. Watch the keynotes and Slack sessions, get exclusive broadcast interviews, and see all the groundbreaking innovations. Let’s go!

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