Procore’s revenue teams accelerate deal cycles with Slack

“With Slack Connect, we’ve accelerated our sales-deal cycle by communicating in real time with prospects, customers and partners."

Nolan FrazierAccount Executive of Strategic Accounts, Procore

The future of sales is multi-threaded, according to Kristopher Lengieza, vice president of global partnerships and alliances at Procore, a software platform custom-built for the construction industry. Gone are the days of lone account executives working in silos to close deals independently. Now top enterprise sales deals reach the finish line when multiple teams and external partners work together to craft the best offers for prospective clients.

As Lengieza says, “You simply can’t do everything by yourself anymore.” By using Slack, the channel-based messaging platform, Procore’s revenue teams—which encompass sales, customer success, marketing and partners—demolish communication silos. This ultimately allows Procore’s crew of account executives and external partners to facilitate more than 1 million construction projects across 125 countries, maximizing customer satisfaction and retention.

Supporting sales reps with a network of more than 100 partners with Slack Connect

Procore reinforces its sales deals with assistance from hundreds of the company’s partners. This group includes consultants, system integrators and construction associations.

Until last year, Procore facilitated communication with its partners via email—a process that led to long response times and missed opportunities. Now Procore’s sales teams expedite communication with their external partners through Slack Connect, a feature included in all paid plans that brings external communication out of siloed email inboxes and into channels. Slack Connect essentially replaces the need to set up a phone call, saving precious time and enabling a higher success rate.


“Slack Connect allows us to have multi-threaded deals, multi-threaded development, multi-threaded partnerships and multi-threaded collaboration to achieve business outcomes.”

Kristopher LengiezaVice President of Global Partnerships and Alliances, Procore

Unlocking fast, efficient communication to increase wins

By collaborating in channels, Procore’s sales professionals receive crucial context by showing past conversations, the ability to quickly search for information and filter results, plus the chance to save messages and files you often reference for easy access.

At Procore, channels are the home base for daily work and core selling activities such as:

  • Communicating directly with solutions engineers to request and kick off demos
  • Coordinating with product and engineering teams on customer requests in Slack channels specifically dedicated to each account
  • Connecting sales representatives with the cross-functional partners and experts who are critical to deal coordination
  • Replacing team meetings and stand-ups with Slack updates

Even before a deal is finalized, Procore may bring its engineers and consultants into a Slack Connect channel to work back and forth with them on a potential solution. According to Lengieza, this helps accelerate adoption and seal the deal faster for a prospect.

“Slack Connect enables our sales team to bring internal and external stakeholders together in one place, streamlining workflows and allowing us to be extremely responsive to all of our prospective customers’ needs,” Lengieza says.

Slack also connects tech stacks, allowing organizations to integrate the apps they rely on into Slack. At Procore, the sales team no longer toggles between Slack and Salesforce to find key pieces of information about a prospect. Instead, account executives can access Salesforce data directly within Slack using the Salesforce integration. It allows teammates to view and share Salesforce records with one another without ever leaving Slack, speeding up approvals and shortening deal cycles in the process. Teams can also add Slack conversations to Salesforce records, easily updating the extended team on the status of a deal or triaging a customer support issue.

Procore salesforce-ui

“Slack and Salesforce are the connective tissue that ties together every piece of the sales process, from quote approval to the day-to-day communication that ensures ongoing customer success.”

Shane RedmanDirector of Information Security and Engineering, Procore

Maximizing customer success and retention by providing faster support

When it comes to setting customers up for success, Procore’s sales team often relies on collaboration with third-party consultants in Slack Connect to assist with implementation and test pilots. By communicating with these consultants in real time, Procore is able to deliver feedback and information faster than ever.

All of this rapid-fire communication leads to faster implementation, and that’s vital for growing customer accounts. When customers know they can depend on Procore, account executives can better position themselves to coordinate upsells, cross-sells and curate a better customer experience.

“Processes that used to take us three to four quarters are now wrapping up within one or two quarters because we’re getting through the implementation process a lot quicker,” says Nolan Frazier, account executive of strategic accounts at Procore.

Sealing the deal is just the beginning. When it comes to winning long-term success, a positive customer experience is mission critical. If a customer success manager (CSM) doesn’t have the answer the customer needs, he or she can quickly search for the right subject matter expert in Slack, reducing response time from two days to five minutes.

“Our customer success managers are always trying to figure out how they can help customers get more out of Procore,” says Lengieza. “A lot of times they suggest a partner solution; other times they need an engineer or product sales person to help. Slack Connect helps point them in the right direction.”

Communicating in Slack channels makes it easier and faster to identify the right solution for the customer. Procore’s CSMs use the @mentions tool to identify internal and external experts to weigh in and answer product questions. Keywords alert others throughout the organization who may have contacts in their network about a prospect account or knowledge that could be valuable to the account team.

“When you get a sales lead, you must act as quickly as possible,” says Lengieza. “In Slack, we know that the right people can see the right information, and that’s already starting to pay significant dividends.”