Get notified when someone mentions a topic you care about

What’s it handy for?

Keyword notifications are a special type of notification in your Slack settings. You’ll get a push notification whenever those words are used in Slack in any channel you’ve joined. Use it to stay on top of projects, when people mention you by nickname, or even fun stuff like never missing a “free lunch” again.

Use keywords to:

  • Get alerts whenever your project name is mentioned
  • Follow mentions of your team, or when you’re referred by nickname
  • Be the first to know about cake or cookies or pizza in the break room

How to set up keywords in Slack:

  1. Open your Preferences in Slack
  2. Scroll down your notification options to keywords, and enter a few words to watch, like names of your projects, or any words you don’t want to miss mentions ofSpecify the highlight keywords that you'd like to be notified of.
  3. Get notifications when people use your keywords
  4. Read and respond to keyword mentions

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