File sharing and storage apps for Slack

Bring your files into Slack with file sharing and storage apps to keep all your work in one place. With the Slack-built file storage apps, you can share a link to a file to preview it directly in Slack and collaborate in real-time. Visit the Slack App Directory for a complete list of file management apps, or read on for details about apps built by Slack.


Google Drive for Slack

Install the Google Drive for Slack app to bring important files from your Google Drive to Slack. When you share a file from Google Drive, we’ll display a preview and make them searchable to anyone in Slack.

Learn more about Google Drive for Slack.


OneDrive and SharePoint for Slack

Manage and host your files with OneDrive or SharePoint, then share them in Slack to add context to your conversations. Your files will be easily searchable and previewed in Slack, while still being stored in the Microsoft cloud. 

Learn more about OneDrive and SharePoint for Slack.