Build a workflow:

How it works

In some cases, it will only make sense to have people use their own accounts, like if a step in your workflow should be associated with the person who is using it. For example, if your workflow collects and sends form responses to a private Google spreadsheet which you don't want to grant everyone access to.

  1. Follow the prompts.
  2. Once you’ve connected your account, you can proceed with creating or using the workflow.


  1. Follow the prompts.

Disconnect your account

  1. From your desktop, click your profile picture in the sidebar.
    Static image of a cursor clicking the profile picture menu in the Slack app
  2. Select Preferences from the menu.
  3. Click Connected accounts.
  4. Below Apps connected through workflows, click Manage accounts next to the account that you’d like to disconnect.
  5. Click on Disconnect.
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