Mobile security for Enterprise Grid

To ensure that sensitive business data remains secure in your Enterprise Grid organisation, you can control which mobile devices can access Slack, plus how Slack can be used. To address the unique needs of different organisations, we offer the following options for mobile security:

  • Integrate with an enterprise mobility management (EMM) provider.
  • Use the Slack app for Intune mobile app management (MAM).
  • Use Slack’s native mobile security features.

Enteprise mobility management (EMM)

To manage mobile devices with EMM, learn how to enable enterprise mobility management for your Enterprise Grid org.


Intune mobile app management (MAM)

To manage the Slack app with MAM, learn how to enable Intune mobile app management for your Enterprise Grid org.

Native security features

For devices that aren’t managed by EMM, learn about Slack’s native mobile security features:


Note: Some environments allow for a mix of managed and unmanaged devices, so you’re able to use both Slack for EMM and Slack’s native security options.