Verified organizations

Slack Connect enables you to collaborate with anyone you work with — inside and outside your organization. Unlike email, which leaves your team at risk of spam and phishing, Slack Connect and verified organizations help ensure your team is working with trusted partners.

What verification looks like

When Slack verifies an organization, a purple check mark will appear next to an organization’s name. You’ll see this check mark when you invite an organization to share a channel with your Slack workspace, or when you accept an invite from another organization, as seen below. verified_organization.png

How Slack verifies organizations

When evaluating the legitimacy of an organization, we look at a number of factors:

  • The organization is a paid customer of Slack and follows our Terms of Service.
  • The organization is authentic — it’s a registered business and operates as itself in the country it’s registered in.

We'll be working to verify organizations on an ongoing basis, but we're not accepting verification requests at this time. If verified, we’ll automatically apply the verified check mark to that organization's profile. 

Note: Slack reserves the right to remove the verified check mark from organizations at our discretion.