Computer icon showing Slack interface with app integrations representing a digital HQ

Slack as your productivity platform

Learn how Slack gives you the flexibility to be productive from anywhere.

Computer icon showing Slack interface with app integrations representing a digital HQ

Start building your productivity platform with these helpful guides

A laptop sits among flowers in the grass, representing a person's ability to work successfully rom anywhere

The digital HQ toolkit

Leading organizations share their tips for supporting workplace collaboration—no matter where or when that work happens

Teammates talk through a problem aloud

Solve problems aloud with Slack huddles

Six ways to recreate quick, informal office discussions in a work-from-anywhere world

Clocks in different time zones, representing asynchronous work

Ease into asynchronous work with Slack

How to eliminate off-the-clock distractions and carve out focus time – for you and your teammates

Coffee mug full of identical pencils becomes full of a variety of colourful office supplies

Foster a more inclusive digital workplace with Slack

Tips to help employees feel at home, wherever they’re working

Globe gets covered in pins and flags, representing a connected workforce

Create a more connected workplace with Slack

Tips to build relationships and trust with colleagues and external partners alike

Dull calendar becomes colourful, representing a flexible schedule

Support a more flexible work schedule with Slack

Set boundaries, stay focused and replace meetings with asynchronous alternatives


Watch how Slack and other organizations are adapting to the new way of working.


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Choosing the right collaboration software

The best tools can help to increase your team’s agility and spur innovation. These eight questions will help IT leaders to find the perfect fit.


Embracing a digital-first approach to work

Learn how your organization can support workplace collaboration in a digital-first world

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