Run an AMA session in Slack

 What you'll learn in two minutes or less: How to run an ‘ask me anything’ (AMA) session in Slack where people can ask people, like the executive leadership team, questions.

Create an open line of communication between leadership and employees in your company to establish trust and boost morale.


Go for it!

  1. Create a channel to host AMA sessions. Consider a channel name like #exec-ama or #leadership-ama.
  2. Write a message in the channel describing how the channel works and pin it for easy reference. You might include the scope of questions to ask, a timeframe for when to expect responses and instructions on how to upvote questions by reacting with the ➕ emoji.
  3. Promote the new channel and encourage people to join and participate.

    Here’s an example of what an AMA channel could look like: An example of an AMA channel in Slack where employees can ask the leadership team questions

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