New: Windows in Slack

You can now open any conversation, along with threads, canvases and your Mentions & reactions view, in a window. Read on to learn more about windows and a few other changes that we’ve made to improve multitasking and navigation in Slack.

Opening a channel in a new window from the sidebar in the Slack desktop app

What’s changed

  • Split view is no longer available, but you can open almost anything that you would have used split view for in a new window.
  • When you’re viewing a thread in a channel, the thread will not persist on the right side of Slack if you navigate to another conversation. To keep up with a thread while viewing other channels or direct messages (DMs), open it in a new window.


Can I still use split view?

No, but you can open any channel or DM in a new window alongside other conversations to easily view information from different places in Slack at the same time.

Will I be able to open other pages in their own windows?

Yes! We only support opening Mentions & reactions in a window at the moment, but will be adding more. 

Can I still dock Mentions & reactions to the right side of Slack?

No. But when you open Mentions & reactions in a window, it will automatically open on the right in a smaller-sized window.

How do I view a thread from one conversation alongside another channel?

You can open a thread in a separate window just like how you’d open a channel or DM by clicking the   new window icon in the top-right corner of the thread or pressing Cmd (Mac) or Ctrl (Windows/Linux) and clicking on a thread. Once you have a thread open in a new window, it’s easy to keep an eye on it as you navigate to other conversations.