Collect questions for an all-hands meeting

 What you'll learn in two minutes or less: How to collect questions from people for an all-hands meeting or event.

Skip the awkward fumbling and delays waiting for questions at the end of an event by collecting questions ahead of time in a channel.


Go for it!

  1. Create a channel for the all-hands meeting or event. You could name it #all-hands, or customise for a one-off event.
  2. Invite people who will attend and let the leadership team or panel know that questions will be collected in the channel.
  3. Before the event, send a message in the channel to let everyone know they can submit new questions and upvote existing ones by reacting with the ➕ emoji.
  4. During the event, presenters can address questions from the channel and mark questions as answered with the ✅ emoji.

    Here's an example of what an #all-hands channel could look like: Employees asking questions in a Slack all-hands channel

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