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Getting started with Slack Connect

Speed up communication and work more securely with external partners, vendors and people outside your company

Why Use Slack Connect?

Designed to replace email—or however you collaborate with external organizations, customers and clients—Slack Connect makes the work that happens with outside partners faster, more productive and more secure.

  • 4x

    Faster deal cycles for a sales team working with clients

  • 50%

    Reduction in weekly meetings for a technical team working with third party contractors

  • 2x

    Decreased turnaround time for creative reviews and approvals for a marketing team and creative agency.

For the most part, working in channels or exchanging direct messages will look and feel just like the Slack you’re already used to. But in Slack Connect, you’ll be communicating with stakeholders from different companies. Everyone can discuss work, share files and drive business results in a shared space.

Join the 100,000+ organizations working in Slack Connect:


We hear back from our customers that we’re like an extension of their team, and part of that feeling definitely comes from the fact that we use Slack.

How to get started with Slack Connect

Just like with Slack, you can choose to use either direct messages or channels to communicate.

  • If you are working with one other person—say on a contract or proposal—send them an invite to a direct message. You’ll be able to start messaging in Slack as soon as your partner accepts.
  • If you need to work with more than one person—perhaps on a longer term initiative or campaign—you can send an invite to collaborate in a channel by following the steps below. Depending on your settings, the invitation may need to go through admin approval.

1. Create the channel

Click the + button next to Channels in your sidebar. Name the channel, select privacy settings and click Next.

Create and name a Shared Channel in Slack

2. Send the invite 

Follow the prompt to share the channel outside your workspace. Send your partner an email invite right from Slack.

Slack Connect invitation sent to external partners within Slack application

3. Wait for your partner to accept

Pour yourself a cup of tea. Once your partner clicks the link, they’ll be taken back to Slack, where they can accept the invite and set up the channel on their end.

Animated gif showing a cursor mark click on an invitation link in an email, which takes it to Slack to accept the invitation

4. Get admin approval

Depending on your settings, the invitation will be sent to an admin on both teams for approval. Admins can manage channels invitations by clicking on their workspace name > Administration > Manage shared channels.

Get admin approval for Slack Connect channel

Get started

Join the network of global companies collaborating together in Slack Connect.

  • Learn more about the benefits of using Slack to work with external partners
  • To share a channel, you’ll need to be on a paid plan. For more info, check out our pricing and plans.


  1. Claims and figures based on specific teams using shared channels at their companies. Results may vary at your organization.

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