Coordinate needs across shared channels

What’s it handy for?

Collaboration happens both within and beyond the walls of your organization. Create workflows for a shared channel to automatically route your requests to the right people at a partner org, and get your needs met faster.

A few uses for this workflow:

  • Submit requests to external partners, like a travel booking agency (see example below)
  • Have customers send feedback or needs directly to your team’s support channel
  • Onboard new accounts into your shared channel

To get started:

  1. Download the example
  2. Navigate to Workflow Builder and select “Import”
  3. Once imported, edit the workflow to make sense for your team
  4. Publish and let everyone know about your masterpiece

See it in action:

  1. Creating and publishing the workflow takes only a few minutes. Import the downloadable template, select a channel for the workflow, and customize the form with the info you’d like to collect. Then, add a message step that specifies which channel(s) to route the details to, such as the Shared Channel with a partner organization.
  2. The form can be launched by anyone in the shortcut menu.
  3. The request will automatically post in channel, notifying the team that is responsible.
  4. After your team approves the request, you can forward it to your partner agency with just a click. They can begin a conversation in thread or simply confirm that the request has been fulfilled, all within your shared channel.

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