Run an executive question and answer (AMA) session

What’s it handy for?

Build a space for employees to ask questions freely of executive staff, who can read the channel and answer questions as they come in.

An executive AMA is a great way to:

  • Hold office hours
  • Appear in regular live Q&A sessions
  • Create an open door policy
  • Remain accessible to employees, even in larger companies

Executive AMA question

How to run an executive AMA in Slack:

  1. Create a new channel called #exec-ama.
    create executive AMA channel
  2. Announce it in channels with your largest membership and encourage everyone to join.
    sharing executive AMA channel
  3. Post a policy document to help guide employees in formating their questions, and pin it to the channel.
    post questions document in executive AMA channel
  4. Set a helpful tone with timely and thoughtful answers from your executives.
    post question for executives in channel
  5. Bring a bit more clarity and transparency to your entire team.

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