Mixology elevates customer experience with Slack and Salesforce

"With Slack, our store managers have timely and actionable insights on promotions, events and new merchandise at their fingertips. This empowers them to take ownership of their business, enhancing store performance through swift and effective responses to opportunities and challenges."

Jordan EdwardsCEO, Mixology Clothing Company, Mixology Clothing Company

Mixology Clothing Company is a New York-based, family-owned fashion retailer with a robust web presence and 15 brick-and-mortar locations. The company’s simple yet powerful mission is to inspire confidence. Customers trust Mixology to help them feel well-dressed at an affordable cost, whatever the occasion.

While Mixology’s retail staff has always been dedicated to delighting customers, Slack has united the team like never before. When Mixology rolled out Slack internally, every member of the company, from senior executives to front-line associates, started using the platform within a few days. “We haven’t looked back since,” says Mixology CEO Jordan Edwards.

“Our Slack implementation helped the brand see a lift in our annual revenue by ensuring information was accessible, actionable and democratized across teams.”

Jordan EdwardsCEO, Mixology

Automating processes with Slack and Salesforce integration

When the retailer integrated Slack with Salesforce it led to incredible automation, transforming store operations and strengthening team culture. In addition, the team began building better relationships with customers by messaging with them one-on-one.

As a matter of fact, Jordan Edwards and Gabrielle Edwards, Mixology’s president and head buyer, report that the most valuable integration for Slack is the one with Salesforce. Associates can see all relevant client information, which is pulled directly into Slack, making it a one-stop retail operating system for the store. 

Team members have client information at their fingertips to provide the best customer experience possible. They can also access up-to-date inventory information to complete transfers and keep customers informed. Through Slack, each store gets an afternoon “nudge,” reminding them of any open tasks and to log their activities into Salesforce for the day. This omnichannel lens has brought about significant improvements in communication and collaboration, resulting in better business outcomes for Mixology and its customers. 

Daily tasks may involve customer touchpoints such as texts, emails, customer win-back calls and even handwritten notes. After contacting a customer, team members log the call notes in Salesforce and create a follow-up task, which is visible in Slack to store associates and HQ employees.

Another valuable source of information is the analytics from Tableau, which integrates with Slack. Teams can access and use this data within their regular flow of work, minimizing app switching and enabling faster decision-making. For example, the buying team leverages the analytics to review the number of styles on the floor, facilitating efficient inter-store transfers. “Thanks to the integration with Salesforce, our team uses Slack for seamless operations,” says Jordan Edwards, who we spoke with for this story. “In our experience, Slack can be a great starting point for retailers looking into projects that can drive results while generating value on their investment from day one.”

Exceeding shopper expectations

Slack helps Mixology exceed shopper expectations. “We believe in going the extra mile for our customers and everyone who makes this business what it is. Family is at the core of our origin story and that spirit has never left Mixology’s culture,” Jordan Edwards says. It makes sense, then, that the retailer would want its associates to form personal relationships with customers, which Slack has enabled them to do.

Slack’s open platform and integration capabilities empower store associates to communicate directly with customers via Slack, driving significant sales growth. They can seamlessly access customer information and resources within Slack, ensuring that they’re equipped with the necessary details to offer assistance to customers at a moment’s notice. With key data such as purchase history, personal preferences and sizes, associates can adjust their interactions to better meet each customer’s needs, strengthening relationships and increasing overall satisfaction.

If any issues arise, the team has the tools to go above and beyond to resolve them. Customer service requests and tickets are submitted directly to the responsible team, meaning the customer gets what they need faster. Jordan Edwards says, “We’re here for our customers every step of the way.”

Nurturing a strong team culture

One the team’s favorite Slack channels is the appreciation channel, where they can celebrate their wins. The entire company is actively encouraged to share successes and learnings. The creative inspiration channel lets them share ideas about fashion and beyond, helping them enjoy their work and give their best to clients. 

Mixology’s success in delighting its customers is rooted in the vibrant culture cultivated among its team of over 400 employees. “It is quite important for us to build a strong customer community, and that begins with fostering a strong team culture. Slack channels provide a platform to nurture this internal community,” says Jordan Edwards.

Individual store channels support associates with tasks like merchandising, answering client questions and managing inventory transfers. At the end of each day, a leaderboard displays associates’ performances, promoting a cohesive and motivating team culture through seamless and effective in-store communication.

Jordan Edwards recounts an example of how Slack has improved the in-store experience: “One of our biggest challenges is maintaining how the jewelry looks every day. If it’s not remerchandised or replenished, it can look like a disaster. If accessories get tangled and messy, we miss sales opportunities. We wanted stores to get into a better system of back stock, to replenish, to have them assign one or two people per day to maintain the jewelry. We added automatic Slack reminders of the daily standard procedure.” As a result, the jewelry looks better than ever.

Automated reminders help individual team members stay on top of their personal goals and tasks, while also keeping specific stores motivated toward their daily sales goals and customer touchpoints. This real-time communication reduces the need for meetings, giving associates more time to focus on customer needs. 

Beyond the store, the warehouse team utilizes the #warehousechecks channel to post images of each item before it gets picked up to hit the floor. This ensures quality and accuracy in inventory management. Mixology teams can also connect seamlessly with the company’s technology partner for support, requests, feedback and other operational needs. Additionally, they coordinate with other partners to handle details and communicate last-minute changes in real time.

This synergy enhances productivity and engagement among team members, leading to improved customer satisfaction. Ultimately, these efforts strengthen Mixology’s bottom line and solidify its reputation as a trailblazer in customer-centric retail.