What is a Slack workflow?

A workflow makes everyday tasks in Slack easier for you and your team. Almost any task or process you perform at work can be automated with our Workflow Builder tool.

In this tutorial, you'll learn about:

  • Ways to use workflows
  • Workflow templates
  • Where to find existing workflows


Ways to use workflows

Workflows help simplify routine processes so you can spend less time on them. Here are two simple ways to use workflows with your team:

Collect information

Send reminders

Create a simple form to collect ideas, feedback, or requests from coworkers in Slack.

Follow along using our tutorial to try it.

Set up recurring reminders to help you and your team stay on top of important tasks.

Follow along using our tutorial to try it.

Workflow templates

If you’re interested in exploring workflows, follow these steps to find templates that can help you get started:

  1. From your desktop, hover over   More in the tab bar.
  2. Select   Automations.
  3. Click   Templates, then select a template you want to use.

Try it: Start building a workflow using a template, or create one from scratch. Either way, we’ll help you along the way in the next tutorial.


Where to find existing workflows

If people on your team have already created workflows, you can find them from a few different places in Slack.

Channels and canvases

Actions you take


Some workflows begin by clicking a link. Workflow links might be bookmarked in a channel or added to a canvas.

a coworker sharing a message in a channel that includes a link to run a workflow

Workflows can start automatically when you take a specific action in Slack. For example, when you join a channel or use a certain emoji reaction on a message.
You can find published workflows by searching for them in Slack.

typing a keyword to search for a workflow