View or manage a conversation’s workflows

When you create a workflow in Slack, it will be able to post messages, invite users or take other actions in any conversation you specify. You can easily view all the workflows that can be used in specific conversations, and remove them if you decide they should no longer take actions there.

New to workflows? Check out our What is a Slack workflow? and Build a workflow tutorials to learn the basics.

Manage workflows

Anyone can view the list of workflows that can be used in a conversation by following the steps below. Admins, owners, Channel Managers and workflow managers can also remove workflows from conversations.

  1. From your desktop, open a conversation.
  2. Click the channel name or member's name in the conversation header.
  3. Select the Integrations tab.
  4. Click the  three dots icon next to the workflow, then select Forward workflow, Copy workflow URL or View details.
  5. If you have the required permissions, you can select Remove workflow, then click Remove workflow on the prompt to confirm the change.

Note: Owners of a workspace or Enterprise Grid organization can choose who's allowed to remove members from channels they're a part of. You’ll need this permission to be able to remove a workflow from a conversation.

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