Voice, video, and screen sharing apps

When you need to connect by audio or video, or share your screen with your coworkers, you have options in Slack. You can start a huddle or visit our App Directory to install a third-party calling app of your choice.

Tip: Owners and admins can set additional third-party calling apps to allow members to quickly start a third-party call from Slack.

Calling apps for Slack

  Paid plan required  Maximum call participants*

Screen sharing available

External calls supported
BlueJeans 100  ✓     
Cisco Webex Meetings    200  ✓ ✓ 
Dialpad  2   ✓
Fuze  1,000   ✓ 
Google+ Hangouts    25   
GoToMeeting 26  
join.me** 250  
Microsoft Teams Calls  ✓  250  
RingCentral   100
Zoom    1,000

*Maximum call participants may differ depending on the plan you're on with that service.
**Cannot be set as the default calling app in Slack.