Convert a group direct message to a private channel

Group direct messages (DMs) are conversations between three or more people, outside of channels. When they turn into long-term discussions, or you need to include more than nine people in the conversation, you can convert a group DM to a private channel.

What to expect

  • When you convert a DM to a private channel, new people you add to the channel can view the original DM's message history and files.
  • Members of the group DM will be notified about the move with a Slackbot message posted to the new channel. 
  • DMs with people outside your company cannot be converted to private channels.

Convert a group DM to a private channel 

Owners and admins can restrict permissions for creating private channels. If you don't see the option to convert a DM, find an owner or admin to ask for help.

  1. From your desktop, open a group direct message. 
  2. Click the  details icon in the top right
  3. Click  More, then select Convert to a private channel from the menu.
  4. Click Yes, continue.
  5. Enter a name for the new channel.
  6. Click Convert to a private channel.

Note: In an Enterprise Grid organization, converted DMs will automatically become multi-workspace channels.

Who can use this feature?
  • By default, all members and Multi-Channel Guests
  • FreeStandardPlus, and Enterprise Grid plans