Slack feature retirements

In order to make room for new improvements and provide the best user experience, Slack will occasionally retire a feature from the product. We’ll always do our best to provide advanced notice and recommend alternatives to admins and affected members before saying a final farewell to any feature.


Upcoming Slack feature retirements

Slack calls

Announcement date 20th September 2022
Retirement date 30th March 2023
Reason for retirement Huddles now offer all of the functionality available in a Slack call (and more).
Status Announced

Google Calendar for Team Events app

Announcement date September 2022
Retirement date 1st March 2023
Reason for retirement Moving forwards, we will continue to support the Google Calendar app.
Status Announced


Retired features

OneDrive legacy app

Announcement date 1st March 2022
Retirement date 1st September 2022
Reason for retirement Upgrade to the newest OneDrive and SharePoint app for the most up-to-date functionality.
Status Retired