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Slack Connect

The next step in transforming business communication and collaboration

A better way to work with external partners

Slack Connect is the most secure and productive way for organisations to communicate. Designed to replace email, Slack Connect extends channel-based messaging to everyone that you work with – both inside and outside your organisation.

Use Slack Connect to:

  • Securely connect to external organisations
  • Work more quickly alongside customers, partners and vendors
  • Strengthen relationships with valuable external partners


Over 41,000 customers are already using Slack Connect

Collaborate with unprecedented speed

Slack Connect is a secure communications environment that enables teams to work together safely, quickly and efficiently.


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Connect securely across organisational boundaries

Have peace of mind with built-in security, compliance and visibility into external connections. All Slack’s enterprise-grade security features and compliance standards now extend to Slack Connect: DLP, retention, e-discovery, Enterprise Key Management and more. Guard your organisation against spam and phishing by connecting only to trusted parties.


‘Organisations have lost billions of dollars due to spam and phishing. Most security breaches start from an unwanted email.’

Larkin RyderChief Security Officer, Slack

Learn more about Slack’s enterprise-grade security


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Connect to partners and get work done faster

Bring communication out of siloed inboxes and into channels, where you can work more quickly and collaboratively with customers, vendors and partners. Teams are using channels in Slack Connect to work faster with vendors, strengthen client relationships, provide top-tier enterprise support and manage supply chains. Send messages and share files in real time, and build collective insights along the way. For quick conversations, you can also directly message anyone that you’re working with.


‘Sharing Slack channels allows us to pull clients into the process. If we can make decisions faster, we can deliver their products faster.’

George BrooksCEO, Crema

Learn how to share a channel with outside organisations


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Connect tools and automate workflows

Streamline processes and speed up collaboration by building and connecting new workflows across organisations. From managing calendars to supply chains, Slack Connect enables teams to work more efficiently by integrating tools and automating tasks.


See more apps that you can use in Slack Connect

Learn how to bring workflows into Slack Connect

Explore how Slack Connect can help your team

Get started with Slack Connect

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