Remove someone from a channel

The ability to remove people from channels depends on the channel management permissions set by a workspace owner or org owner. See the available and default settings below:

Public channels

  • Everyone except guests
  • Workspace owners and admins 
    (default setting)
  • Workspace owners only

Private channels

  • Everyone except guests
    (default setting) 
  • Workspace owners and admins
  • Workspace owners only

Note: If you're a member and don't have the option to remove someone from a channel, get in touch with a workspace owner for help.

Understand channel access

  Members Guests
Can be removed from a public channel  ✓
Need an invitation to rejoin a public channel   ✓ 
Can be removed from a private channel  ✓
Need an invitation to rejoin a private channel  ✓
Can access messages and files in any public channel
(without joining)

Note: It's not possible to remove people from the #general channel.

Manage channel members

Use the steps below to remove someone from a channel. Once you’ve finished, Slackbot will notify the member about being removed from the channel.



  1. Click on the cluster of profile pictures in the top right corner of a channel to view a list of members.
  2. Search for and select the person that you want to remove, and click on their name.
  3. Select Remove.
  4. Click on Yes, remove them to confirm.
  1. Tap the channel that you want to remove the member from.
  2. Type /remove @member in the message field.
  3. Tap the   paper plane icon.

Note: To remove someone from your workspace, visit Deactivate a member's account.

Tip: Workspace owners and admins can manage join and leave messages to control visibility into who's coming and going in channels.

Who can use this feature?
  • All members (but not guests)
  • FreeStandardPlus and Enterprise Grid subscriptions