Connect your tools to Slack

Using the Slack platform, you can bring the tools that you use every day into collaborations with your teammates. With the right people and tools in one place, Slack can be where your team does its best work. 

Having everything in one place means less juggling and jumping between tools, but there are many more benefits to be explored, so read on!


Why connect your tools to Slack?

  • Resolve time-sensitive tasks quickly.
  • Keep projects moving forwards.
  • Improve decision-making.
  • Create a more pleasant workday.


How to use the Slack platform

Install apps that connect your workspace to third-party tools.

🖥  Bring the third-party tools that your team already uses –  such as Google Drive, Zendesk, Asana, GitHub and more – into Slack. Your workspace can view information and receive updates right where you’re working, without constantly switching between different apps and windows. Take a look through our App Directory – you might even find something new that your members will love!

Build your own internal integrations.

🛠  You can build your own integrations with our API and connect your workspace to your proprietary internal systems. Custom integrations are specific to your organisation, so you can use Slack to help onboard new employees, share stats from your internal database or do anything else, really.

Resolve time-sensitive tasks quickly

Add monitoring tools to Slack to make sure that the right people are aware of time-sensitive alerts and notifications. For example, connect PagerDuty to your #ops channel so that members know the instant a server goes down and can work together to discuss possible solutions while looking at real-time data in one place.

PagerDuty triggering a message about a server that’s down, and members discussing the problem in-channel


Keep projects moving forwards

It’s easy to get scattered across different email threads and tools, all of which can hinder your project’s success. With Slack, wrangle all relevant info into a dedicated project channel and connect your project or file management tools. Use project channels to communicate with your cross-functional team so that everyone has the information that they need to do their work and knows where to direct questions.

Trello showing an update about a card being moved from ‘In progress’ to ‘Completed’, with a member’s response in-channel


Improve decision-making

Increase the visibility of important data and make more efficient, informed decisions. Populate data from third-party tools directly into your Slack channels, and get the right sets of eyes on it. 

@statsbot used as an @mention, triggering the app’s response with a graph of app installs for the year


Create a more pleasant workday

Imagine all the little things that could make your workday simpler. Automating everyday tasks such as giving feedback to teammates, coordinating a lunch run and approving expense reports are all made simple and easy with third-party integrations in Slack. 

Lunch Train showing a member starting a lunch train with a button to board the train


What’s next?

Ready to get started? Here’s how:

  1. Explore the hundreds of apps available in our App Directory.
  2. Install the apps that your team already uses, and try a few new ones, too.

Still have questions? Learn more about adding apps to your workspace.