Intake creative project requests

Dealing with incoming requests can be a chore, but creating a workflow in Slack in concert with project management apps can make it easy.

Tracking incoming requests are great for:

  • Giving anyone in your company an avenue to request new creative work
  • Letting design project managers act as triage, determining who has resources available to complete the work
  • Creating a process from beginning to end to help people complete their projects

Before you get started

Install the Asana app for Slack and configure it for your account and workspace.

How to intake creative project requests

  1. Designate a channel for all incoming project requests, for example #help-content
  2. Use the slash command /asana create to begin a new request
    use a slash command
  3. Fill out the form with as much detail as possible
    fill out request
  4. Creative team managers can approve and assign people to the project, notify you when it begins, and have Asana post project updates as tasks are completed in a channel of your choosing
    creative team managers

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