Bringing the ideal suitcase to market with Slack

“If the decision's not in Slack, it might as well not have happened.”

Stephanie Korey Co-founder, Away

When the founders of Away launched their company, their goal was to create the perfect suitcase. Just three years later, Away sold its 100,000th piece by doing everything in Slack.

Away started as a question: Could it make beautiful, functional luggage that wouldn’t fall apart or break the bank? This question led to focus groups, contracts with designers and manufacturers, retail partnerships, three different office spaces, and 60 employees – all in just two years.

Beautiful and functional

Incredible design made Away what it is today. The company’s team of graphic, web, and product designers gather in Slack to give each other rapid feedback and make sure everyone agrees on the direction. They also brainstorm right in Slack.

“It’s a great tool for building on ideas and creating an environment where everyone has an equal voice,” says co-founder Stephanie Korey.


Customer Support

Customer feedback channels in Slack help Away give buyers what they really want. These channels are integrated with Twitter,, and Delighted – all of which provide unfiltered comments from customers. Feeding these notes into channel means it’s easier for the team to apply them to the business.

“If the decision's not in Slack, it might as well not have happened.”

Stephanie KoreyCo-founder, Away

Why walk when you can fly?

Korey says that Slack has helped Away soar – and kept it focused. Whether it’s connecting with external partners and the store team, coming up with new designs, running its marketing and PR programs, or training new employees, Slack is at the center.

“We take a project that could have taken a month to come to a decision on, and we come to that decision in a day,” says Korey.