Crumbl finds its operational sweet spot with Slack

"Slack is the best communication platform to keep your information organized."

David StephensonSenior Director of Public Relations, Crumbl

Craving something sweet? You’re likely heading to Crumbl, the fast-growing dessert chain that has captured the hearts and taste buds of cookie enthusiasts nationwide. Crumbl’s innovative approach to collaboration has played a pivotal role in its remarkable growth and productivity. From coordinating weekly cookie flavor releases to fostering a vibrant company culture, Slack enables seamless communication and enhanced teamwork across all departments.

At Crumbl, Slack isn’t just a messaging tool—it’s a dynamic platform that empowers employees to stay organized, run meetings, work with hundreds of franchise partners, and celebrate achievements in real time. With dedicated channels for hyper-focused work on sales promotions, social campaigns and more tool integrations that speed up tasks and make employee recognition easy, Slack has transformed the way Crumbl operates, one delicious cookie at a time.

Running projects end to end through specialized channels

Crumbl keeps its operations streamlined with over 500 channels dedicated to specific tasks, including a #cookie-descriptions channel to update everyone on the weekly rotation of flavor offerings and a #leadership channel where executives and managers share updates and create strategic plans. With work happening in one central place, channels let teams collaborate more efficiently and enhance visibility companywide.

For Crumbl, a strong marketing and media presence has been an important ingredient in its growing brand. David Stephenson, the senior director of public relations, leads the charge in ensuring that new content and media coverage is always top-notch and relies on channels to run projects end to end. For example, the #weekly-video channel keeps his teams in sync and drives efficiencies when producing Crumbl’s weekly video series. At the start of each week, Stephenson sends a message with the name of the episode in bold and pins it to the top of the channel for easy reference. All communication with videographers, content creators and team members happens in an organized thread under the episode name, making it easy to search and find essential information when production kicks off.

“Just having this Slack channel, with multiple people’s eyes on it, helps our team better prepare and resolve issues faster.”

David StephensonSr. Director of Public Relations, Crumbl

Once the video is ready, it gets sent via the Dropbox integration to the #social-team and #web-team channels, where the entire marketing department collaborates to create promotional assets and website updates. With so many moving parts in Crumbl’s content creation process, the integration enables teams to share files—like cookie promo images and podcast cuts—directly from Dropbox right into Slack. It also helps keep track of where the file has been shared, with “file activity” feeds. Across every process and interaction, Slack breaks down silos by bringing tools, processes and people into one centralized place and driving greater success in Crumbl’s marketing initiatives. Despite the faced-paced production cycle, less context switching between tools allows team members to consistently focus on delivering top-quality content to market and meeting tight deadlines week after week.

Channels are also an important tool for coordinating media coverage or inquiries. Crumbl works with hundreds of franchise locations nationwide, so it can be a challenge for Stephenson’s and other teams to ensure that each store responds in a way that is consistent with the company’s values. It uses Slack Connect to work with franchise partners to align on messaging, and that’s where the #SOS channel comes in. If a store encounters any issues, they send a message in the channel, where Stephenson can then tag in the appropriate team members to come up with a solution that helps Crumbl connect and align effectively for faster resolution.

“Just having this Slack channel, with multiple people’s eyes on it, helps our team better prepare and resolve issues faster” says Stephenson. Whether it’s gathering talking points for news coverage or addressing the needs of a customer, Slack channels enable Crumbl to respond with precision and speed.

Communicating efficiently in the office, at home or on the go

Between traveling for video shoots or visiting franchise stores for quality assurance, Crumbl headquarter employees are often on the move and working in different time zones. With Slack’s mobile app, it’s easy to communicate anywhere at any time.

“The transition from computer to mobile is seamless,” says Marcus Cain, a senior community manager. With a focus on social media, Cain sees to it that Crumbl’s online community thrives across platforms like Instagram, TikTok and LinkedIn. With his team of 16 working remotely, he uses Slack’s mobile app to keep up to date on any social media alerts or campaign changes. 

“If something happens outside of my normal working hours, I’m tagged and able to pull my phone out and easily find the conversation,” says Cain. Plus, he ensures his team channel’s canvas is equipped with response plans for certain situations, so even if he’s not available, they know exactly what to do.

Everyone at Crumbl also runs meetings with huddles—audio or video conversations that happen in Slack—to communicate without having to set up an external meeting link or make a phone call. From new content publishing dates to deciding on flavor descriptions for the cookies of the week, huddles enable everyone to meet and solve problems quickly, regardless of physical location.

Even emoji have become a go-to, quick communication tool. Instead of sending out a form or having a thousand replies to what time a meeting should take place or which cookie flavor should be picked, employees use emoji to mark their preferred choice.

“Slack’s just a great tool for communication. It’s quick, clear and fun to use.”

Marcus CainSr. Community Manager, Crumbl

Creating company culture with Slack integrations 

Crumbl makes work a little sweeter (and easier) with integrations made to amplify productivity and promote a positive culture. Across the company, there are currently more than 50 integrations in use. One of the most popular ones is Google Calendar, which helps other team members know when someone is out of the office or in a meeting. 

Meanwhile, the Awardco integration makes recognizing and rewarding the hard work of employees effortless and fun. Anyone in the company can send a recognition by filling out a form right within Slack. Once complete, the recognition note gets sent to a public channel where everyone can celebrate the employee’s accomplishment. Even better? Employees are awarded points for each recognition they receive and can use those points in an online store. 

Birthdays are also a big deal at Crumbl. In a remote working environment, it might not be possible to pass out cookies to celebrate an employee turning one year older, but a tradition of “channel birthdays” means celebrating can still take place. A channel is created where everyone except the employee with the birthday shares notes, GIFs and well wishes. At the end of the day, the birthday employee is added to the channel, where they can read through all the wonderful messages. These kinds of channels are also used for sending off an employee taking a new job or going on parental leave.

“Slack’s just a great tool for communication. It’s quick, clear and fun to use,” says Cain. At Crumbl, Slack is baked into the company’s processes, helping teams work faster, collaborate more effectively and feel connected no matter where they are.