Build apps with Slack's developer tools

Building with Slack’s platform allows you to connect your workspace with the tools, data sources, and processes that make your organization run smoothly.


What can you build?

Apps can either be internal — you design and build them just for your company to use — or external — you build and distribute something other companies can use. Read on for an overview of possible use cases, where to get started, and more details on the specifics of building with Slack's platform tools.


Build for your team

The best apps for your team will depend on the tools and processes that matter to you. To get inspired, you might ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do you need to integrate one of your organization’s internal systems or tools with Slack?
  • Do any tools generate alerts or notifications that require the attention of a group of people? Send alerts to a Slack channel to notify the right people all at once.
  • Do you switch between programs all day long to find the information you’re looking for? A custom app that pulls data into your workspace to tie related data together and initiate complex cross-system workflows — with the added benefit of using Slack’s built-in search. 

Plan out your app using the Slack API guide.


Features and tools

You can customize the way end users interact with your app using our suite of building blocks. Below, you’ll find examples of the features you can build into your app and tools we provide to make developing and managing your app as simple as possible.



  • Functions
    Functions are preset blocks of code that take certain actions. Apps can include functions (also called steps) that members of your workspace or Enterprise Grid organization can add to workflows they create with Workflow Builder. Keep in mind, workflows that contain custom steps are considered premium workflows
  • Workflows
    Apps can include pre-built workflows for anyone in your workspace or org to use. 
  • Triggers
    Triggers determine how (for example, with the click of a button or automatically based on a schedule) and where (in Slack or in another service) a workflow starts.
  • Slack CLI
    Use the Slack CLI (command line interface) to build the framework for a new app with a TypeScript SDK, then easily deploy your app to Slack’s infrastructure.
  • App manifests
    Use an app manifest to quickly set up, develop and manage your app.
  • App deployment and data storage
    Deploy your app and store its data on Slack’s infrastructure to keep all of the components in one place and automatically comply with our security and compliance standards.


Get started

Slack API is home to all you need to know about building on the Slack platform, from introductory guides to detailed documentation.

When you're ready to build, you can get started by following the steps below:

  1. Open the Slack App Directory. 
  2. From the dropdown menu in the top right corner, select the workspace you'd like the app to be in, then click Build
  3. Click Create an app

To learn more about building Slack apps, visit our API docs