Connect your SSO account with Slack

If an Org Owner or Workspace Owner enables single sign-on (SSO) or requires members to re-authenticate, we’ll let you know. We'll send you an email explaining how to connect (or "bind") your Slack account with your identity provider (IDP).

Note: Your SSO binding email will expire after 72 hours. You can always request a new email from an Org Owner or Workspace Owner.

Press the Authenticate your account button in the binding email to get started. The process takes less than a minute!

Confirmation of single sign-on enabled and button to authenticate your account

Note: You can connect your SSO account with Slack from your desktop or mobile device.

Rebind your SSO account after a session reset

If they’d like, Org Owners and Workspace Owners can initiate an SSO session reset. If that happens, members will be signed out of Slack. Org Owners and Workspace Owners can send a single sign-on rebind email, prompting members to rebind their SSO and Slack accounts.

To sign back into your workspace, open the rebind email and complete the steps below. You’ll then be able to sign in using your IDP.

  1. To rebind, click the Sign in to authenticate your account button in the rebind email.
  2. Users may see an option to Remain associated with their account (continue using the same account they had been using) or Switch.

Tip: To retain your message history in Slack, make sure to choose the option to remain associated with your account.

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