New Slack platform tools for developers (beta)

We’re excited to announce several new tools for app developers as part of our Slack platform beta. App manifests are available to anyone through our open beta, while other tools are available in private beta and require filling out an application.

Benefits of these new tools

  • Developers can ship higher-quality apps and workflows quickly with a streamlined development lifecycle, including secure hosting and data storage in Slack.
  • Workspace members will have better visibility and access to integrations and workflows in any channel, and easier ways to install pre-built workflows when creating channels.

What's available

  • App manifests (open beta)
    An easier way to create, develop and distribute apps. Use an app manifest to quickly set up and manage your app.
  • Slack CLI (private beta)
    Use the Slack CLI (command line interface) to build the framework for a new app with a Typescript SDK, then easily deploy your app to Slack's infrastructure.
  • Triggers (private beta)
    Create a trigger to define how a workflow is initiated, where it’s available, and who can use it. Workspace members can initiate workflows with new triggers created as part of a beta Slack app.
  • Functions and workflows (private beta)
    Functions are preset blocks of functionality that take certain actions and can be grouped together to create a workflow. Functions won’t be available for anyone to add to new workflows in Workflow Builder during the beta, but any app collaborators will be able to access them.
  • App deployment and data storage (private beta)
    Deploy your app and store its data on Slack’s infrastructure to keep all of the components in one place and automatically comply with our security and compliance standards.

Note: Joining our private beta requires approval from a Workspace Owner or Workspace Admin.


Are these new tools free?

Use of all new platform tools is free during the beta period. Once the beta ends, customers on Slack’s paid plans will retain access to many of these features. Additional payment will be required for more advanced capabilities.

Do I have to deploy my app on Slack’s infrastructure?

Private beta features are only available for apps hosted on Slack’s infrastructure. Once these tools are generally available, you can choose a different hosting provider if you’d like.

How can admins manage new apps built during the beta?

After beta participation has been confirmed, admins can grant users permission to build and deploy apps with the new tools available in the beta. All apps deployed using Slack’s infrastructure can be managed and approved with our existing app approval settings. When reviewing requests for Slack-deployed apps built as part of the beta, app managers will see any domains the app communicates with in addition to its scopes.