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Navigating Slack

Meet Sarah.

  • Sarah recently joined A1 Marketing, a company just like yours.
  • A1 adopted Slack a while ago, and Sarah is learning how it’s affected the way that they work.
  • In this lesson, Sarah wants to learn how to navigate Slack so that she’s comfortable with finding information, performing actions and changing her preferences.


Sarah’s experience before Slack

Before A1, Sarah was used to working in email. She found herself endlessly scrolling through her inbox to find the conversation she was looking for. It was hard to stay up to date with her team, and bits of work were scattered across multiple programs, email threads and places.

How A1 use Slack

  • A1 adopted Slack because it’s easier to navigate than email.
  • Everyone at A1 can join and navigate between conversations in a few clicks.

Navigate Slack

Sarah is exploring different areas of the desktop app.


She realises that the sidebar is where she can go to access different channels and direct messages that she’s part of in her workspace. She knows that the sidebar will come in handy when she wants to scroll through and jump to any of her recent conversations.

Details view

Later, Sarah finds the details view inside a channel. This is where she can add new members to the channel, or find files that have been shared in the conversation.

Main navigation bar

She also notices how easy it is to navigate back and forth and search in Slack by using the main navigation bar.

Main menu

Finally, Sarah clicks into the main menu where she can adjust her settings and preferences as needed.

Your next steps

💡Get familiar with using Slack by exploring different pages, conversations and menus.

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