Collect and respond to requests as a team

What’s it handy for?

It’s easy to collect requests and process them using channels in Slack. Simply set a designated channel, pin instructions on how to post project requests, then have others review and approve or deny them.

Collecting and responding to requests is great for:

  • Giving people a place to gently ask others to review or respond
  • Streamlining the project intake process by getting outside requests from the whole team
  • Reviewing and approving requests quickly

a customer story request sent in slack

How to collect and respond to requests as a team

  1. Create an agreed upon channel name prefix for all request channels (example: #plz-customer-marketing) so they’re easier to predict
    creating a request channel

  2. Post and pin a message describing the types of requests you welcome in the channel and designate who on the team will review all incoming requests.
    a pinned message in slack

  3. Wait for requests to roll in, then use the 👀 eyes emoji reaction to show the person requesting it that you’re looking into it, and use the ✅ checkmark reaction when you’ve approved the requestor 🚫 to show you’ve denied the request. Use message threads for questions and follow-up explanations.
    slack message including a media request from a teammate

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