Let a bot schedule your meetings

What’s it handy for?

It takes time and effort to nail down a time you can meet with others, but it can be automated with a bot.

Scheduling meetings with a bot is great for:

  • Saving time looking up everyone’s schedules automatically
  • Getting meetings schedules in an instant, without leaving Slack
  • Allowing participants to vote on the best time for a meeting

Before you get started

Install and configure the Meekan app for Slack and connect it to everyone’s calendars.

How to let a bot schedule your meetings

  1. Mention @meekan and all participants by name to request a meeting
    use name mention to schedule meeting
  2. Wait for Meekan to offer up free times for everyone
    posting meeting times
  3. Pick a time, and Meekan will schedule it instantly
    Meeting confirmation scheduled by bot

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