Loop in subject matter experts to resolve customer support issues

What’s it handy for?

For companies with dedicated customer service teams, solving problems is what they’re tasked with. But getting those problems in front of exactly the right people who can help solve them is often a challenge. And that’s where Slack and Zendesk can help.

Looping in others to:

  • Work with subject matter experts to resolving problems faster
  • Get problems in front of the right people who can fix them
  • Keep customers happy by solving their problems quickly

reply in slack to zendesk tickets

Before you get started

To collaborate with in-house experts, install the Zendesk app in your workspace and configure it for your team.

How to loop in subject matter experts to resolve customer support issues

  1. Set up the Zendesk app to post new tickets in public channels.
    zendesk tickets pushed into slack
  2. Use Slack’s Share button to post it into another channel or direct message with subject matter experts.
    triage billing request in slack
  3. Have a conversation in Slack about the issue, gather feedback on how to best remedy the situation.
    question in slack regarding billing request
  4. Let customer support circle back to the customer once you’ve gathered more information about their problem.
    slack thread about billing request

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