Introducing canvases: a new way to curate, collaborate and share information in Slack

Canvases are a tool to help teams organise, curate, collaborate and share information – completely connected to your Slack workspace. Create or edit a canvas using the Slack features that you already know: format content intuitively, mention teammates directly and share in any conversation.


What is a canvas?

There are two different ways to use canvases in Slack:

In a conversation
Every channel and DM comes with its very own canvas to store relevant, persistent content about the conversation and the work happening there.

On its own
You can create a canvas for anything that you’re working on – meeting notes, projects or checklists – and then share it in the appropriate Slack channel to collaborate with your colleagues. You can even have private canvases for select eyes only.


How to work with canvases

A channel canvas

A standalone canvas

  • Get started: Navigate to the channel or DM that you’d like to create a canvas in, then click the   canvas icon in the top right-hand corner. These canvases are always available in the conversation and anyone who browses the conversation can view them.
  • Access permissions: Anyone with permission to post in a conversation can edit the canvas.
  • Notifications: If someone mentions you in a canvas in a conversation, you'll receive a Slackbot notification.
  • Get started: Hover over More and click   Canvases to view, manage and create canvases.
  • Access permissions: Choose whether people have permission to View or Edit when sharing a canvas.
  • Notifications: If someone mentions you in a canvas that’s shared with you, you'll see a badge next to   Canvases in your sidebar.

No matter where you choose to create a canvas, these features are always available:

  • Autocomplete for channels and members: Type # to mention a channel name or @ to mention people.
  • Customise emoji: Custom emoji appear in the emoji picker when working in a canvas.
  • In-line objects: Add link previews, images or files directly to your canvas. Need to move something? Simply drag and drop it where you need it to go.
  • Mobile access: View and edit existing canvases right from your mobile device.

Get started

A channel canvas 

A standalone canvas

Add content to a canvas:

  1. From your desktop, open a channel or DM.
  2. Click the   canvas icon in the top-right corner of the conversation.

To manage existing canvases:

Once a canvas alongside a conversation has content in it, the icon in the top right-hand corner will change to let you know that there’s been activity in the canvas.

  1. From a channel or DM, click the   canvas icon in the top right-hand corner.
  2. You can work in the canvas in the conversation, or click the   three dots icon and select   Open in new window.

To get started on a canvas on its own:

  1. From your desktop, click the   plus button in the sidebar.
  2. Click   Canvas to create a canvas.

To manage existing canvases:

  1. From your desktop, hover over More and click   Canvases. By default, you’ll see a list of your Recently viewed canvases.
  2. Click Sort to sort canvases by Last updated or Recently viewed, or click Filter to view canvases Created by you, Shared with you or All.
  3. Select the canvas that you’d like to edit. It will automatically open in a new window.

Tip: Canvases will be returned in search results, like other messages and files in Slack.



What should I use a canvas for?

Canvases are designed to present information in a clear way, with a variety of formatting options for you to explore. You can use them for personal to-do lists, notes shared between you and your colleagues, project briefs, organising information in a channel and more.


What will happen to Slack posts in my workspace?

All existing posts will be converted to canvases, and all of your content will be saved. The 'created' date on the canvas will reflect the post's original creation date, but version history will only be available from the date that the post was converted. If you use Slack on the free subscription, your posts will be converted to read-only canvases. You can continue to edit your existing posts until they are converted. 


What is a Slack post?

Before canvases, Slack posts were a way to share long-form content in Slack. These were a specific file type in your workspace, and if you made any, they’ll be converted to canvases when the time comes. 


Can I use canvas on mobile?

Yes! To use canvas on your mobile device, your Slack app version must be a minimum of 23.02.40 on iOS and 23.02.30 on Android. 

Canvases can be viewed and edited on iOS and Android, but it’s not currently possible to delete a canvas on mobile.

Who can see canvases?

Like files, any member of your workspace can see a canvas that is shared in a public channel. Only members of a conversation will be able to view canvases in private channels or DMs. To see everyone that a canvas is shared with, click Share on an open canvas. For more information, review our article on sharing, security and access for canvas.


Can I import a canvas between workspaces?

Not at this time. Right now, canvases cannot be imported, though they can be exported. If you’d like additional information, please contact us.

Tip: Still need help? Visit our guide to using canvas for a detailed overview of all the available features in a canvas, watch our demo video or get in touch with us at

Who can use this feature?
  • All members and guests
  • Channel and DM canvases are available on all subscriptions
  • Standalone canvases are available on paid subscriptions