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The new collaborative sales team

Learn why companies around the world are using Slack to take a collaborative approach to selling, and what that can mean for closing deals

Sales has always been hard. And it’s always been critical to success.

But today, it can also make a case for being the fastest-changing discipline in business. Self-educating buyers. Bigger, more multidisciplinary buying teams. New expectations about the buying experience. The list goes on and on.

To rise to the challenges (and opportunities) created by change, a new kind of sales model has emerged – one that helps sales teams to get to know buyers better, bring value to every conversation and close deals faster. It’s not a theory: it’s a new, collaborative approach to selling that is used all over the world at the fastest-growing companies.

Read our e-book to find out how the highest-performing sales teams:

  • Collaborate with customers in new ways to mobilise large buying teams
  • Collaborate within the sales team to lift performance, reward sales managers’ activities and improve customer conversations (which are especially challenging with distributed sales teams)
  • Collaborate with all other departments to marshal the resources needed to make deals happen faster – and feed customer insights back to the business

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