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Close deals faster with Slack Connect

Maintain relationships and keep up the momentum on deals by working in a Slack channel with customers

Get closer to prospects and customers

Nearly 80% of Fortune 100 companies rely on Slack Connect to work faster alongside partners, vendors or customers. Selling is now digital-first, and sales teams are building stronger relationships with customers and maintaining deal velocity by working in Slack Connect channels.

  • 4x

    faster deal cycles with Slack Connect*

  • 60%

    faster response times from customers with Slack Connect*

  • 60%

    time saved in feedback cycle*


Slack Connect creates personal and persistent connections to customers, loops in subject-matter experts (like finance or legal) to help close a deal faster and enables swift feedback cycles on contract proposals.

A channel that’s shared with a customer looks and feels like a channel you use with your internal team. People from up to 250 different companies can join, so everyone can stay aligned and drive results in one shared space.




“We’re able to iterate so much faster now on our partnerships, sales deals and customer needs with Slack Connect, driving innovation and alignment across the construction industry.”

Kristopher M. LengiezaVice President of Global Partnerships and Alliances, ProcoreRead their story


Connect with customers in a new way

In a Slack Connect channel, account teams and customers can regularly check in, exchange feedback and update one another on progress or blockers. Using clips, reps can share short videos with customers, making answering a question or explaining a proposal that much more personal.

External Slack Connect channel displaying a Zoom call setup within the channel

“Historically, the gold standard of a deep relationship in sales was getting the person on text. Now the gold standard is getting them into a Slack channel.”

Jeanne DeWitt GrosserHead of Americas Revenue and Growth, StripeRead their story


Maximize customer retention

Automate key communications at scale while giving account managers more time to focus on customer-specific questions and value realization efforts.

Success Bot automation into Slack channel suggesting a new integration tool for the channel to utilize

“Slack really allows me to connect to my customers in a different way. I want them to think I’m an extension of their company, and anytime they have questions, it’s very easy to connect. Slack is a great way for me to help them get what they need faster.”

Strengthen the voice of the customer

Bring your product team, sales reps, and customers together in Slack channels to capture and address feedback in real time.

Slack Connect channel with external partners highlighting recent message regarding feedback

“With Slack, the customer can pull in more people, we can pull in more people and it becomes a collaborative discussion to solve a problem or answer a question.”


Join the 100,000+ organizations working in Slack Connect:

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Speed up communication and work more securely with external partners, vendors and people outside your company.

  • Learn more about the benefits of working with partners in channels.
  • To share a channel, you’ll need to be on a paid plan. For more info, check out our pricing and plans.
  • With Slack Connect, you can open the doors to your digital HQ for service to delight your customers with unrivaled support.


* Claims and figures based on specific teams using Slack Connect at their companies. Results may vary at your organization.

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